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Stiles & Drewe's PETER PAN

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Stiles & Drewe's PETER PAN#0
Posted: 9/9/04 at 10:19am
"Peter Pan received its premiere at Det Ny Theater, Copenhagen 1996. In April 2001, it was performed in concert with an all-star cast and the BBC Concert Orchestra at London's Royal Festival Hall. The BBC broadcasted the concert on New Year's Eve 2001."

So, a concert version of PETER PAN was aired on the BBC? Did anyone here see it, or tape it?
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re: Stiles & Drewe's PETER PAN#1
Posted: 9/10/04 at 12:11pm
Yep I taped the concert, and it was fantastic. So much so that I went along to the Festival Hall when it was staged a year later (although for me it failed to live up to expectations). The two composers are currently working on Mary Poppins which opens for previews on Wednesday

To hear excperts from the score (though missing some of the best bits) try the link below!
Stiles and Drewe Peter Pan minisite

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re: Stiles & Drewe's PETER PAN#2
Posted: 9/10/04 at 1:26pm
I heard a wickedly funny story about Sir Cam's attempts to offer the pair composing tips on MP- shouldn't really repeat it.
If you like their work, 'Tutenkamen' is just wonderful!!!