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The Greatest Sin of All - Manchester

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The Greatest Sin of All - Manchester#1
Posted: 3/18/11 at 9:27am
The Greatest Sin of All - Manchester

Presented by Schmucks Theatre Company
Directed by Nathan Shreeve, Jo Gewirtz and Kitty Critchley.
1 April 2011, Victoria Baths, Hathersage Road, Manchester
Performance Times vary
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The Greatest Sin of All is a thought-provoking site-specific promenade performance piece which retells stories of survivors and victims of the vicious Nazi regime, in particular, those from the Jewish Community, political dissenters and the disabled. The piece uses the ruined grandeur of the internationally famous Victoria Baths as a sympathetic and emotionally involving backdrop for the production, which will take the audience on an intimate journey through the horrors of the period, experiencing through true accounts the personal human devastation felt by so many during this dark chapter in modern history. Travel from the war-torn ghettoes of Krakow, through to the raided houses of Berlin and Prague, and finally, to the harrowing emptiness and silence of the Nazi death camps. Created by Jo Gewirtz, Kitty Critchley and Nathan Shreeve, The Greatest Sin of All explores the emotional experiences of those affected by the actions of an unhinged regime with an auspiciously talented cast of 50 performers, and incorporating an immersive sound installation, designed by the composer of the acclaimed short film ‘Missing’, sound artist Brona Martin. £1 from each ticket sold will be donated to the Not On Our Watch charity, which combats injustice and examples of genocide in modern society.

Schmucks Theatre Company is a growing and upcoming company based in Manchester. Founded in 2009, Schmucks has already had huge success with their premier production ‘The Carroll Myth’. The production was entirely self-funded and completely sold out as well as making a considerable profit in a cutting edge fringe venue in Manchester’s City Centre. Due to the success of this production, ‘The Carroll Myth’ is being revised for runs at the Buxton and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. As their second production, a collection of six short plays entitled ‘Schmuck Off’ toured Manchester and the North-West, marking the first out of town engagement for Schmucks Theatre Company. Two of the six pieces, ‘Artist, Unknown’ by Nathan Shreeve and ‘Fuzzy Old Dial TV’ by Jo Gewirtz were invited to give a repeat performance in February 2011 following their success on tour. The Company currently has several further exciting projects in development.

Schmucks Theatre Company

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The Greatest Sin of All - Manchester#2
Posted: 3/18/11 at 10:25am
Looking forward to it x
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