Two sets of Queens and a Nancy (Reviews)

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Two sets of Queens and a Nancy (Reviews)#1
Posted: 10/29/09 at 10:08am
Couldn't resist a title like that Two sets of Queens and a Nancy (Reviews) just back from London seeing Pricilla, La Cage and Oliver.

Pricilla; what can I say a bit dose of pink fluff was just what the Doctor ordered-no it's not deep, yes it's a jukebox musical but it's also genuinly fun, funny and entertaining! Craig Ryder was on for Jason Donovan and did a fine job-a few moments where maybe you could tell he wasn't used to the role but overall a great job-though the joke about 'I prefered Scott' fell a bit flat but maybe the audience weren't Neighbours fans? My favorite part has to be the 'Macarthur Park' sequence-only because I've been known to rant about the absurdity of that song! Overall I loved the music choices-lovely bit of 80's/90's nostalgia, and great vocals from the Divas.

La Cage-I won't dwell too long as I don't want to get into a Barrowman defense debate Two sets of Queens and a Nancy (Reviews) I think he and Burke have really settled into the roles and imo they have great chemistry which is what makes it work even with their ages, Barrowman in the role etc. I never thought I'd say this but I really find it hard to concentrate on anything Barrowman is doing when Burke is alongside him! The ensemble as ever were fantastic, it's sad that this production is going in Jan but I really feel it will go out on a high.

Oliver-I did say before this started 'Am I really going to like this?' not my favourite of musicals but it was an enjoyable way to pass an afternoon. Jodie Prenger was great as Nancy, I really like her anyway and feel she does a good job in the role. Omid Djalli was a great choice for Fagin imo he worked the audience well and his comic abilities are used well in the role. Steven Hartley has taken over as Sikes now and is suitably menacing in the part, his physical stature alone is enough to make me shiver! I have to admit I wasn't enamoured with Oliver himself, he seemed a little lacklustre to be honest but I feel bad criticising a small boy too harshly! Finally I have to mention delight as seeing Julian 'Davros' Bleach!

Also both La Cage and Oliver were having collection for 'Acting for others' and Oliver dragged out an old spitting image puppet for the purpose! Also with the cast collecting in the foyer Jodie Prenger and Omid got a bit mobbed!
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