Rich Hall, Plus Special Guests, Will Perform a Benefit Show at Bush Hall For Maggie's Cancer Charity

The event is on 14th April 2023.

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Comedian Rich Hall will be playing one night this spring at the Bush Hall to raise money for Maggie's, a cancer support charity funded by donors working in conjunction with hospitals all over the UK.

Rich, his musical band and soon to be announced special guests, will perform at the beautiful Bush Hall in Shepherds Bush, London, for this one-off event where all money raised will go straight to Maggie's. Tickets are on sale now from

Maggie's is a charity very close to Rich's heart as his wife Karen was diagnosed in 2022 with DCIS, a form of Breast Cancer.

Now in recovery, Karen says of her experience with Maggie's: "I was struggling to process the diagnosis, and impending operation, the endless meetings, conversations, check-ups, blood tests, scans. I felt so lost, one minute grateful it had been found early, to anger it was there at all. At one appointment, I broke down and my lovely Macmillan nurse Orla suggested I went to Maggie's - a charity set up to help people with cancer and their families... (if anyone's been down the Fulham Palace Road it's the orange building - can't miss it right next to Charring Cross Hospital)."

"I went in - no appointment necessary, - and was greeted by an 'angel' I sat and cried, making no sense, while piling through a box of Kleenex. I snorted and spluttered everything I couldn't say to my husband my kids, my work colleagues, my friends.... a stranger was listening and that is what Maggie's is. Someone there for you at your darkest moments. I went on to do a course there after my surgery - it helped make sense of what otherwise was the whirlwind of my life."

"No doubt my amazingly talented husband is incredibly grateful to Maggie's too, and with that we decided to give back in the only way we know - a comedy show! Every ticket sold will go direct to Maggie's - they rely entirely on donations to survive."

"Apart from Rich and his band, special guests will be announced closer to the night, but if you're up for some Friday night comedy at a beautiful venue for a most worthy cause, then this is the night for you! tickets at Thank you." - Rich and Karen Hall



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