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Book Review: MY LIFE WITH MICHAEL - 10 YEARS OF THRILLER LIVE!, Gary LloydMichael Jackson's music is perpetual; there is no denying the fact. Despite all of the controversy surrounding his life, even since his untimely passing in 2009, his songs have remained the constant.

Thriller Live! is a stage concert celebration of Jackson's back catalogue, which has been performed across the globe since 2006. Director/choreographer of the show, Gary Lloyd, has recently released an autobiographical book, My Life With Michael - 10 Years of Thriller Live!, detailing his journey working with Jackson's legacy, since its West End debut ten years ago.

The book is one of two halves: on one side, we get to know Lloyd through stories of his own past and how Michael Jackson has influenced his career, whilst the other half is a real insight into the workings of the Thriller Live! production itself, from its early days through to the show in its current form.

My Life With Michael would appeal to any fan of the King of Pop, through to those working in and/or with a passion for musical theatre. It is an extremely interesting read whereby Lloyd really delves deep into his continued vision for Thriller Live!. What is nice is that relevant choreographic terminology is used throughout the book, so that dancers, in particular, will get a greater understanding of Lloyd's work.

Before going back to the very beginning, the book starts with the shocking news of Jackson's death and the effect it had on the Thriller Live! company in particular. It is extremely admirable to read how the cast pushed through a performance on the evening of the breaking news to pay an increased tribute to the superstar.

Lloyd doesn't come across as self-indulgent at any point in the book, just characterful and incredibly passionate about his affiliation with the show and how it has helped shape his successful career in musical theatre. He also interviews previous cast members, who provide other insightful information and occasionally differing points of view, contributing to a well-rounded view of the show's history.

Entertaining and perceptive. A fascinating account from an inspiring individual.

My Life With Michael - 10 Years of Thriller Live! is available now

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