BWW Interview: Joe Sugg Talks WAITRESS at the Aldephi Theatre

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BWW Interview: Joe Sugg Talks WAITRESS at the Aldephi Theatre
Laura Baldwin and Joe Sugg
in Waitress

The Adelphi Theatre was serving up "Catch up with Joe Sugg Over a Salted Caramel" Pie this morning. He welcomed me into the diner to sample one of Lulu's Pies and dish up the latest gossip from his first few shows.

Sugg started in the role of Ogie last week, with his press night coming up on Monday. And he seems to have settled right into life on the West End stage...

You're the latest in a long line of people to make the move from Strictly to stage. When did you realise this was a route you were going to take?

Not too long ago to be honest! Strictly really opened my eyes to the idea of performing in front of a lot of people. I like to do things that scare me - they get the nerves going the most. I think it's good to set yourself challenges.

As a kid, we always loved putting on shows for our parents and friends. What I've done with my channels the last seven years is putting on a show for people online. So I'd like to say it's always been there, dormant in me.

Finally, doing Strictly has helped me pluck up the courage to pursue this a bit more and give it a good old go.

How does it feel having people out there responding to you doing your thing? It's very different to a webcam at home...

It is different. I've been on stage quite a lot over my years of doing YouTube - meet and greets and that kind of stuff. I always find the bigger the crowd, the less scary it is, in a weird way.

On the Strictly tour, we were doing arenas that were thousands and thousands of people. That, for me, felt less scary than it would be to do a small group of people. So, this is somewhere nicely in the middle.

But I love it. It's the best reaction. I've enjoyed every second of it.

I remember finishing my first song - "Never Getting Rid of Me" - the crowd just kept going and going and going... The applause would start to die out, then it would start again! I was just holding this pose for ages, thinking "When do I start the next bit?". I took it in a bit too much I think, but it's just the best feeling.

So, the first few shows have gone well?

Yeah, so far! Touch wood. So far so good. I've not had any wobbles yet. I've not had second show blues, which is apparently a thing.

And what's been really nice is, afterwards, people have said to me that they feel like it's not been my first show. They feel like I've been there for a while already, which is such a nice compliment to receive.

The feedback so far's been lovely. Thanks to everyone that's come to watch and supported it!

Have you been going to meet fans at the stage door?

Yes! I've been down there most nights and after the matinees. Because it's nice to go and meet the people that helped get you there in the first place, but also meeting lots of people that haven't heard of you until doing this or from Strictly. People that are more fans of theatre that have enjoyed the performance.

That, for me, is a real bonus. It feels really, really nice - when someone who has never heard of you says how well you've done in a role - it means a lot. It's been brilliant.

How was it meeting your new stage wife, Laura Baldwin, for the first time?

It's been great. I first met her on a photo shoot for the promo. She's so lovely, so supportive. She's helped a lot and given me lots of little tips and pointers. She's been ace!

And you followed your Strictly co-star Ashley Roberts into the show. Did you talk to her much about it beforehand?

Yeah, I asked her advice. She said they're such a lovely group of people and I would fit right into it. She's also been very supportive.

Obviously, you're loving it! What's next for you? Do you want to do more shows?

At the moment, I'm purely focussed on this. I just want to make sure I'm doing a good job every night.

For me, it's still quite early days. My voice is still improving each week and I want to make sure it gets to a point that there's no notes I'm worried about and that kind of thing.

So, at the moment, I'm concentrating on Waitress, but who knows! I would love to stay doing stuff like this. Maybe do a bit more acting. I really enjoy acting as well! Also a bit of singing...

Who knows! Just keeping my doors all open.

Waitress currently booking at the Adelphi Theatre until 5 January, 2020

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