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Problems Between Sisters show poster

Problems Between Sisters at Studio Theatre

Dates: (5/8/2024 - 6/16/2024 )


Studio Theatre

1501 14th St NW
Washington,DC 20005

Phone: 202.332.3300

Tickets: $45-95

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  3. Problems Between Sisters

Two pregnant sisters—one visual artist, one con artist—converge on a remote family cabin in Vermont. Jess races to finish her long-awaited solo show; Rory sees a new audience for her latest scam. When Rory hatches a plan for an art project of her own, the problems between the sisters flare into a collision of family baggage, personal morality, and artistic taste. A response to True West, Sam Shepard’s surreal psychodrama about brothers with problems, Problems Between Sisters is a funny and savage take on domestication, creativity, and the elusive demands of the Primal Female.  

This world premiere is a part of Julia May Jonas’s five-play ALTAS cycle (“All Long True American Stories”), in which she reimagines canonical 20th-century American male-experience plays as they’d be experienced by other people, mostly women.

Studio Theatre Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Studio Theatre is at 1501 14th St NW, Washington, DC.

Now in its 41st season, Studio has carved out a distinctive place for itself by investing in excellence up close and by producing plays of big ideas on a human scale—plays that challenge assumptions, spark conversations, and offer both surprise and connection. Over its four decades, Studio has produced an eclectic mix of works that reflect the contemporary world, offering a repertoire of provocative new and contemporary writing from around the world and inventive stagings of contemporary classics.


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