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Church & State at Prologue Theatre

Dates: (1/21/2021 - 2/21/2021 )


Prologue Theatre

6408 Williamsburg Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22207, USA

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It’s three days before Charles Whitmore’s Senate re-election and he’s decided to finally tell the public exactly what’s on his mind, no filter. What could possibly go wrong?

Church & State is a political comedy written by Jason Odell Williams that explores the hot-button issue of separation of church and state in contemporary America.

The play centers on Senator Charles Whitmore, a Republican up for re-election in the wake of a school shooting in his hometown. Facing pressure from his conservative base and a changing political landscape, Senator Whitmore makes an off-the-cuff remark that throws his campaign into disarray.

The story unfolds through the interactions between the Senator, his devoutly Christian wife Sara, his Jewish campaign manager Michael, and other characters representing different political and religious viewpoints. As the Senator tries to control the damage from his comment, the play delves into the complexities of faith, politics, and navigating a society deeply divided on these issues.


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