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Flying V and theatreWashington Announce Intro To Intimacy For The Stage Workshop

Flying V, in association with theatreWashington, are proud to present: Intimacy Directors International Co-Founder, Siobhan Richardson, as a guest instructor from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to teach a 4-Hour Workshop, An Introduction to Intimacy For The Stage, from 1-5pm on August 12th, at the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center.

FEATURING: Siobhan Richardson, Intimacy Director (IDI), & Certified Instructor & Fight Director (Fight Directors Canada) Siobhan Richardson is an Intimacy Director, and co-founder of Intimacy Directors International. Siobhan is quickly building an impressive resume in this field, including Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (Soulpepper), Bunny (Tarragon), Really, Really (Theatre Erindale), Serenity Wild (Tender Container and the frank theatre company), Odd One Out (Human Wick Effect), Love and Human Remains (University Players, Univeristy of Windsor), Aunt Dan and Lemon (Shadowtime Productions), The Container (Theatre Fix), The Trial of Judith K (Thought For Food Productions), and assistant to Intimacy Choreographer Tonia Sina on The Bakkhai (Stratford Festival, directed by Jillian Keiley). Recent teaching credits include workshops across Canada, Europe and the United States, including numerous post-secondary theatre programs across Ontario. Siobhan is thrilled to be offering education that is contributing to more joyful, more respectful and safer workspaces, bringing Intimacy Directors into the rehearsal hall to support actors and directors in these sensitive moments which are so vital to plot and character development. Siobhan is also an actor/fighter/singer/dancer, and a fight director/stage combat instructor. In all her work, Siobhan is dedicated to the growth and development of the art form and for the artists in order to support a vibrant and healthy artistic community.

LOCATION: Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center
4805 Edgemoor Lane, 2nd Floor, Bethesda, MD 20814



WHEN: 1-5pm on August 12th, 2018

CLASS DESCRIPTION: In this workshop, participants learn specific techniques for accessing their vulnerability in a dramatic context, resulting in powerful chemistry between characters without compromising personal boundaries. Focus is on subtle and specific details in choreography, and on acting exercises to keep partners connected physically and emotionally. It is an exploration of intimacy within a dramatic context for the purpose of telling the story of the scene. We will also touch on how to approach preparing for scenes of intimacy in rehearsal, consent, boundaries, your rights (including union rules), and psychological safety. This is not just kissing or sex scenes. The principles can include the intimacy between parents and children, between dear friends, and can also apply to scenes of sexual violence.

Topics include:
Instant Chemistry: simple acting exercises to facilitate mutual trust and to create chemistry with any scene partner
The Pillars: guidelines for approaching scenes of Intimacy, including script work, communication of personal boundaries, consent, and other professional etiquette practices
Your Instrument: physical work and emotional preparation for more effective scenes of intimacy
Emotional Fitness: techniques and ideas to begin exploring your own methods of maintaining your own psycholgical health, assuring your own resilience and the quality of your craft
The Workplace: Best practices and recommended working conditions

Touching (handshakes, handholding, hugging) through guided contact improv is part of the course. Kissing is not required. While the goal is to explore emotional and physical intimacy, the core concept of this work is Safety, for the facilitation of safe exploration. All touching is consensual, and participants are always invited to sit out and watch, should they feel uncomfortable or triggered.

While this introductory workshop is geared towards a performer's perspective, we welcome participants from all theatrical disciplines to participate and learn more about intimacy for the stage.

Intimacy Directors International (IDI) is a not for profit organization comprised of artists from around the world who are trained to choreograph and direct scenes of an intimate nature for the stage and screen. Founded by Tonia Sina, Siobhan Richardson, and Alicia Rodis, IDI's mandate is to provide compelling physical and emotional storytelling within intimate scenes - including hand-holding, nudity, kissing, and/or simulated sexual activities - while also maintaining the physical and psychological safety of all involved. As active advocates for performer safety, IDI sets and maintains a high standard for proper consent, sexual harassment awareness, overall safety, and dramaturgical expertise. IDI shares this knowledge through intimacy direction for productions and intimacy workshops for a broad range of participants and subject matter.

ABOUT FLYING V: Founded in 2011, Flying V is a non-profit, ensemble-based company dedicated to creating theatre that invigorates and inspires people to live life with a greater sense of appreciation and adventure. A gateway drug that bridges the gap between pop culture and high culture, we are dedicated to the creation, development, and production of vibrant original work, offbeat contemporary plays, and performance art inspired by genre fiction and other modern mythologies. By creating work that reflects the intimate struggles of the human condition through vivid, high concept metaphors and artistic vigor, we hope to shine a light on the loneliness and isolation that so many feel and create a sense of connection and wonder. We are your Friendly Neighborhood Indie Theatre. Expect Awesome. Be Awesome.
Visit us at

Flying V is also proud to be hosting this workshop as an extension of the Flying V Fights: Combat Gym, a bi-weekly drop-in stage combat class offered at the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center on every other Sunday evening from 7-9pm. For more information, visit or

ABOUT THEATREWASHINGTON: Building on 30 years of credibility and service as The Helen Hayes Awards, theatreWashington is the only organization dedicated to supporting and representing all sectors of the Washington theatre community-theatres, professionals, and diverse audiences of all ages-to build a strong, vibrant, connected community. Together, with the region's dynamic professional theatre community, theatreWashington creates and invigorates audiences, strengthens the region's theatrical workforce, and celebrates excellence on Washington stages to build and an even more vibrant community for all.

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