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The Last Drop show poster

The Last Drop at DC Arts Center DCAC

Dates: (4/12/2024 - 5/12/2024 )


DC Arts Center DCAC

2438 18th St NW
Washington,DC 20009

Running Time: 2hr. Incl. intermission.

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  3. The Last Drop

World Premiere! The Last Drop by John Shand (Australia) Western civilization collapses during an economic upheaval and water becomes scarce. Pestilence, violence and war drive people from the cities. The environment decays. Mary and Joe survive in the sand-dunes, desalinating sea water with a ramshackle still. They eat insects and random crustaceans to survive. Their love is a faded memory. Then, invaders arrive: Valentino is a shark of a trader. Esmeralda is his accomplice. One ill-fated night in their company tears Mary & Joe apart. Hidden truths emerge that leave Mary at her wit’s end with just one way out. Her choice sparks a new world order that alters the course of history.


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