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Merry Andrew Video

Merry Andrew on Video - 2011


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Archaeologist Andrew Larabee tunnels below an English meadow, seeking a rare historical relic. His shoveling takes him back to the surface...and into the lions' cage during a circus act. Just like that, a star - or at least a Joey -- is born. A Joey is circus-speak for clown and who better to play that clown than Danny Kaye? The effusive star unleashes his singing, swooning and jesting talents in this bright musical-comedy tale of circus extravaganza and romantic complications. Famed choreographer Michael Kidd (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) makes his lone movie directorial effort one to cheer the heart, particularly with the rolling-bicycle number Everything Is Tickety-Boo and in the center-ring-romp Salud. Have a Merry Andrew time!

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Danny Kaye

Pier Angeli


Noel Purcell

Robert Coote

Studio: MGM

Filmed: 1957 - Released: 2011

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