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Hair Video

Hair on Video - 1979


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Claude leaves the family ranch in Oklahoma for New York where he is rapidly indoctrinated into the youth subculture and subsequently drafted.

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John Savage as Claude Hooper Bukowski

Treat Williams as George Berger

Beverly D'Angelo as Sheila Franklin

Don Dacus as Woof Daschund

Annie Golden as Jeannie Ryan

Dorsey Wright as LaFayette "Hud" Johnson

Nell Carter as Ain't Got No / White Boys

Cheryl Barnes as Hud's fiancée

Richard Bright as Fenton

Ellen Foley as Black Boys

Charlotte Rae as Lady in Pink

Laurie Beechman as Black Boys

Nicholas Ray as The General

Michael Jeter as Sheldon

Studio: United Artists

Filmed: 1979 - Released: 1979

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