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Circo Video

Circo on Video - 2011


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Gorgeously filmed along the back roads of rural Mexico and set to the music of Calexico, Circo follows the Ponce family's hardscrabble circus as it struggles to stay together. Tino, the ringmaster, is driven by his dream to lead his parents' circus to success and corrals the energy of his whole family, including his four young children, towards this singular goal. But his wife Ivonne is determined to make a change. Feeling exploited by her in-laws, she longs to return to her kids a childhood lost to laboring in the circus. Circo reveals the luminous world of a traveling family circus while the fate of this century-old family tradition hangs in the balance.

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Juventino 'Tino' Ponce Ledezma

Ivonne Galindo Valenzuela

Studio: First Run Features

Filmed: 2010 - Released: 2011

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