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Christmas with the Annie Moses Band at Barre Opera House




Barre Opera House

City Hall, 6 N. Main Street
Barre,VT VT 05641

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$15.00 - $25.00
Phone: (802) 476-8188

Christmas with the Annie Moses Band in Vermont

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The Annie Moses Band is an ensemble unlike any in America today. A blend of fiddle, jazz, and classical influencesfused with soaring, folk inspired vocals create a sound that is both refreshing and familiar. The Annie Moses Band is a family bringing classicism to the common man. The music is a tapestry of Americana favorites and original tunes. Jazz re-imaginings ("Poor Wayfaring Pilgrim"), Copland-esque celtic numbers (”Blarney Pilgrim”), Appalachian echoes (”Girl of Constant Sorrow and Trail Mix"), and progressive strings and vocals (”The Road Well Traveled”) make Pilgrimsand Prodigals the band's definitive project thus far.

With over 1000 hours of airings on PBS, a top ten classical crossover album, a bustling tour schedule of over 80 concerts a year before 100,000+ people, and a plethora of appearances in print and television, this family is pulling new fans from across musical genres to their eclectic style of music making. Named in honor of the children's great-grandmother, the group is poised to broaden its impact with their new project and TV special, Pilgrims and Prodigals. Released this past September, 2012, Pilgrims and Prodigals is a CD/DVD combogiving audiences the visual thrill of the group's live performance, as well as the accessibility of a studio album.

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