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Panto Come Home! at The Cultch


12/17/2020 - 12/27/2020


The Cultch

1895 Venables St
Vancouver, V5L 2H6
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Phone: 6042511363

Panto Come Home! in Vancouver

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In 2020s Panto Come Home! Theatre Replacements Artistic Directors James Long and Maiko Yamamoto sneak into the York to find very sad pyjama clad Veda Hille parked at her piano. Seems shes moved into the theatre and has been spending her days trying to relive Panto memories of old. In an attempt to cheer her up they call up a bunch of their Panto friends to sing and dance the greatest East Van Panto hits. Things go sideways fast when the Phanto of the Panto swoops in. Hes been watching these things ever since Jack and the Beanstalk opened the York 8 years ago and has a few choice ideas of his own. Physically-distanced antics ensue!

The Cultch Frequently Asked Questions

What shows are coming up next at The Cultch
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Where is The Cultch located?
The Cultch is at 1895 Venables St, Vancouver.

What shows have played recently at The Cultch
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