Every Edinburgh act is looking for some way to stand out from the crowd, and Piff the Magic Dragon has definitely achieved it. Rather than just your average comedy magic show, this young man (whose real name I can't find anywhere) does his dressed as a dragon. A very cute one too! If humans could be friends with dragons, I'd definitely want to be friends with Piff.

The cuteness factor is further increased in Piff's new show, where his co-star is Mr Pickles, the levitating chihuahua. The dog was clearly suffering from stage fright and appeared quite bewildered by the whole situation, so hopefully he got some nice doggy treats after the show.

I was a little disappointed to see some of the same jokes being re-used from Piff's 2009 show, and I have to say the novelty of a man doing magic tricks while dressed as a dragon (however cute) had worn off somewhat. There was also one sketch section which even Piff himself recognised was ill-advised. However, the tricks he did were still impressive, and I would definitely recommend the show to those who have not seen Piff before. At £6 a ticket, it's one of the best value shows on the Fringe.

Piff will be appearing every day at the Just The Tonic Caves at 3.15pm until 29th August.


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