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Summer Stages: Theatrical Happenings in Dallas and Fort Worth
by Kyle West - June 1, 2015

As summer approaches, so does an exciting season of local and touring stage productions, with an array of choices for the entire family. Here are our picks for Dallas and Fort Worth's hottest tickets this summer.
Summer Stages: BWW's Top Summer Theatre Picks - Chicago!
by Elee Schrock - June 1, 2015

It's a hot time for theatre in Chicago! Pre-Broadway engagements, remounts, premieres, and more fill the stages this summer and here are BroadwayWorld's top picks for the ones to look out for!
Summer Stages: BWW's Top Summer Theatre Picks - Omaha!
by Christine Swerczek - June 1, 2015

These are my top picks for summer theater in the Omaha area. So much to choose from!
Summer Stages: BWW's Top Summer Theater Picks - Columbus
by Amanda Etchison - June 1, 2015

This summer, the Columbus theater scene is full of shows that are sure to engage, inspire and entertain. From dance to live music to a variety of local productions, here is your comprehensive list of theater happenings on Columbus' summer stages.
Summer Stages: BWW's Top Summer Theater Picks - Orlando
by Kimberly Moy - June 1, 2015

So it's felt like Summer in Orlando since February, but Summer officially starts on June 21st. While most theater seasons are over, there is still a lot to see around Orlando. Here are our Summer Orlando theater picks.
Summer Stages: BWW's Top Summer Theatre Picks - Long Island!
by Brian Rivera - June 1, 2015

Though we encourage each and every person on (and off) the island to go and support as much live theatre as humanly possible all the time, here are some shows to be on the look out for while galivanting around the Long Island Theatre scene, this summer!
Summer Stages: BWW's Top Summer Theatre Picks - Fort Lauderdale!
by Kaitlin Milligan - May 31, 2015

Summer is here, which means some great theatre for people of all ages! There are so many great productions put on in South Florida, and here are some of our top picks for shows in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!
Summer Stages: BWW Top Picks for Summer Theater in West Virginia
by Johnna Leary - May 31, 2015

Theaters in West Virginia this summer will offer a not-so-stereotypical "summer season". Many world premiere plays and new shows will debut, while some classic and contemporary musicals are still available in some of the state's professional theaters. Listed below are five of the top picks for live theater shows this summer, but these are only a small offering of the many fantastic performances and live theater seasons occurring in West Virginia.
Summer Stages: Summertime and the Opera is Easy in the Northeast
by Richard Sasanow - June 1, 2015

The new opera season doesn't start till September at the earliest. What's an opera fan to do until the Met's curtain goes up on September 21? Well, with a little bit of effort, opera in New York and the surrounding states during the summer months can offer quite a bit.
Summer Stages: New Jersey Summer Entertainment
by Marina Kennedy - May 31, 2015

Take a look at New Jersey's 'Summer Stages' for great entertainment in the Garden State.
Summer Stages: BWW's Top Summer Theater Picks - Minnesota
by Jill Schafer - May 31, 2015

For some people, summer means baseball, barbecues, boating, and other outdoor activities. For me, summer means more theater (and iced mochas)! Here are a few shows I'm looking forward to this summer.
Summer Stages: Philadelphia and South Jersey
by Pati Buehler - May 31, 2015

Whether you are looking for a night on the town in the city of 'brotherly love' or crossing the bridge to New "Joisey", there's something for all ages.
Summer Stages: Dancing in the Streets and Dancing and More in the Theatres in Memphis
by Joseph Baker - June 1, 2015

Now that Memphis in May has finally bid adieu to the Sunset Symphony, crowned the winners of the barbecue contest,and trod well the welcome mat to the magnficent new Bass Pro Shop, Memphians can look to its theatres, old and new, for diversions of a histrionic nature.
Summer Stages: BWW's Top Summer Picks for Seattle
by Jay Irwin - May 30, 2015

With the sun out more and more (amidst all the rain, of course) the theatrical choices in the area tend to dwindle a bit. But not to worry, there's still plenty to take in. From Shakespeare to Schwartz, greasers to gay baseball players, classics to camp and Karen Carpenter there's something for everyone. After you spend your day in the sun check out what's happening indoors (or in some cases combine the sun and the shows).
Summer Stages: Los Angeles Summer Theatre 2015
by Don Grigware - May 29, 2015

There's a fascinating mix of familiar and not- so-familiar plays and musicals that will grace Los Angeles stages this summer. LA editors Don Grigware, Ellen Dostal, Shari Barrett and Gil Kaan have chosen their favorites in the list below. Enjoy!
Summer Stages: BWW's Top Summer Theatre Picks - Ireland (A Country Under Wave)
by Chris McCormack - May 29, 2015

Explore the depths of the country this summer. Celebrate the 150th anniversary of W.B. Yeats's birth, catch the epic DruidShakespeare, visit festivals in Cork and Galway.
Summer Stages: HONG KONG and MACAO
by Bonny Loo - May 28, 2015

Various exciting shows have been lined up this summer to provide unique theatrical experiences to audiences in Hong Kong and Macao, including Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Ghost The Musical, Legally Blonde The Musical, [title of show], The Naked Magicians, La Soiree and Singin' in the Rain.
Summer Stages: An Exciting Summer of Theatre in Washington, DC Lies Ahead!
by Jennifer Perry - May 28, 2015

One of the fabulous things about living in the Washington, DC Metro Area is that opportunities to see theatre - and good theatre at that - exist throughout the year. The summer is no exception.
Summer Stages: BWW's Amazing Theatre Picks - Brooklyn, NY
by Beverlix Jean-Baptiste - June 1, 2015

SUMMER STAGES: BWW's Amazing Theatre Picks - Brooklyn
Summer Stages: Cool Theatre for Hot Times in the Valley of the Sun
by Herbert Paine - May 27, 2015

Theater lovers have a sizzling menu of choices for their viewing pleasure this Summer in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area ~ from delightful old chestnuts to spirited and timeless musicals. Here are the picks of the crop.
Summer (Southern Winter) Stages: BWW's Top Winter Theatre Picks – Sydney, Australia
by Jade Kops - May 26, 2015

Whilst our Northern Hemisphere BWW Counterparts are compiling their Summer Stages recommendations as they head into their summer holiday season, Sydney-siders can look forward to a fabulous selection of shows to go and see and keep out of the cold.
Summer Stages: BWW's Top Summer Theater Picks for South Bend Region
by Alex E. Price - May 27, 2015

The summer of 2015 is looking to be the best summer yet! This year's Summer lineup of theater is stellar! Take a look at my top 5 picks of Summer Theater that you should check out as you relax under the heat and soak up the sun!
Summer Stages: Theatrical Happenings in Maine 2015
by Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold - May 20, 2015

After the impossibly long winter, summer is finally coming to Maine shores, woods, and towns. And along with summer outdoors fun, comes the return of summer theatre. Maine is blessed to have a wide selected of professional and community playhouses from which to choose. Here is but a small sampling:
Summer Stages: Summer Picks in Connecticut
by Lauren Yarger - June 16, 2014

Connecticut's theater season heats up during the summer with regular and summer series offerings. Some of the top picks I am looking forward to:
'The Showtune Mosh Pit' for June 11th, 2014
by Paul W. Thompson - June 11, 2014

The latest in unauthorized gossip and buzz from the heart of Chicago's showtune video bars, and musical theater news from Chicago to Broadway. It's our annual Regional Summer Musical Theater Guide, featuring the best summer theaters in Illinois, Wisconsin, western Michigan and northern Indiana, plus the Muny in St. Louis! Timber Lake, American Folklore, Mason Street, Wagon Wheel, Little Theatre On The Square and more!

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