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Review: RED SPEEDO at Playhouse Teater

Review: RED SPEEDO at Playhouse Teater

The production runs from 28th of September to 10th of November

Review: RED SPEEDO at Playhouse Teater

Red speedo is a play written by Lucas Hnath and opened in Stockholm the 28th of September.

Ray (Philip Oros), a competitive swimmer, rises to the edge of the pool, red speedos and a body full of tattoos are his signature. His coach (Björn Lönner) for many years gives him some comments before the important Olympic selection that will take place the next day when Ray's brother Peter (Jonathan Silén) enters the swimming hall and is quite upset. He has heard that doping preparations have been found in the club's refrigerator and this must not come out under any circumstances because it could give Ray negative publicity. He offers the coach money and threatens that Ray will change clubs, but the coach is adamant that he must inform the federations of the discovery. It is the morally right thing to do.

But what is the morally right thing to do? And how do you react when what you thought was wrong in a way turns out to be wrong, and all of a sudden you have a lot to lose by making it morally right? What do you do when a professional role is at stake? What is right and wrong to do when it affects someone no matter what one chooses? How do you minimize the risk and damage to yourself? Many interesting twists and turns challenge both the characters in the play and the audience to reevaluate their views and moral compass. How easy it is to judge others and act in a way when you yourself benefit from it, but when someone does the same thing to yourself then it is morally wrong. How far are you willing to go to avoid getting hit? Do you even notice that you change your mind? In these times, it can probably be good to be a little thoughtful and self-critical.

A well-composed and coordinated ensemble where Philip Oros makes Ray grow and develop during the course of events. A sports guy who allowed himself to be controlled by his brother and coach, but who is getting tired of it. One of my favorite scenes is when he tries to convince his ex-girlfriend Lydia (Martina Hemmingsson) that he wants her back. A lot of guy talk and it's lovely to see how Lydia rolls her eyes and sees through his talk, even if there are feelings left. The brother Peter is an unpleasant, self-absorbed person who only looks out for his own gain, and Jonathan Silén is perfect in that role. Björn Lönner succeeds well in portraying the coach as a person who first has strong morals, but who, when he realizes that he can lose a lot from it, acts in a different way. That change is noticeable in the character and design.

The scenography is minimalistic with a water-filled pool edge along the front of the stage and the blue tile pattern on the walls and floor creates the feeling that we are in the middle of a swimming pool. A harsh, barren, and sterile environment that reinforces the harshness and cynical nature of the characters.

Interesting and thoughtful play about morality, right and wrong. A contemporary play just right for current situation in Sweden and around the globe.

Photo Credit: Ola Gäverth

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