Review: MATILDA THE MUSICAL at Stadteatern

Energetic, warm and fun.

By: Dec. 02, 2023
Review: MATILDA THE MUSICAL at Stadteatern

This is the first time I've seen Matilda themusical on stage and I'm so impressed. A set where the scenography, costume, choreography, lighting together with the ensemble create a unity which really stands out. I am completely charmed and blown away by Maja Söderström who plays Matilda this evening. She is only 12 years old but is such an obvious star. Small but owns he stage with its radiance and talent. She delivers Adam Gardelin's quirky and wordy translation perfectly both in speech and song.

Robert Fux fits like a glove as the cruel Principal Agatha Trunchball. He so perfectly balances the serious and stern with an underlying comedic/ironic tone. Lisette Pagler is his opposite as the kind and caring Miss Honey who sees the genius in Matilda. Sara Jangfeldt is funny as Mrs Wormwood, Matilda's mother, who thinks looks come before education. Jörgen Thorsson as Mr. Wormwood is on the verge of overplaying the comic. The opening act after the interval is just too much and long-winded as book readers are ironized.

Fredrik Benke Rydman is in charge of he choreography and rarely have I seen a choreography that is so well adapted to the younger children and the more experienced. It becomes so powerful when it starts on a small scale and then the more experienced dancers fill in and take the whole stage with delicious dancing in the best Benke Rydman style. The funniest is the letter number where the dancers form letters in different ways at breakneck speed. The closing number, When I grow up, is just a celebration of energy and joy that makes you leave the theater happy and satisfied.

Matilda is an early Christmas present for all musical lovers! Watch it before Christmas and give it as a Christmas present. It will be played until April 28. This will be a success.