Bröderna Lejonhjärta is played until December 30th.

By: Sep. 17, 2023

This year marks 50 years since Astrid Lindgren wrote The Brothers Lionheart and now Kålle Gunnarsson is staging it at Intiman. We will join Jonatan and Skorpan's exciting adventure from the fire in the small wooden house in Stockholm when Jonatan saves his terminally ill little brother and dies himself and comes to Nangijala. The place where the fairy tales and the campfires still lives, but where the terrible Tengil has taken over the Törnrosdalen. Skorpan dies soon after and the brothers are reunited, only to have to fight the terrible Tengil to free the people of Törnrosdalen.

This is a story is full of emotions, it is sad, full of joy, exciting and heartwarming. One of the finest stories there is about death. This special feeling found in the books is found throughout the performance. It is heartbreaking when Jonatan saves Skorpan and dies himself. Soon after, you land in a feeling of happiness when they are reunited, a moment for tears of happiness. Sadness, happiness and excitement alternate.

Overall, it is a young ensemble with the brothers Oskar and Erik Norgren in the lead roles of Jonatan and Skorpan. It is not that many laughts in the play, but it did attracted laughter when Skorpan says something like "There's an old aunt over there" and points to Emma Karlsson who plays Sofia in Körsbärsdalen and she doesn't look old at all. The young ensemble is very coordinated and captures the audience immediately.

The scenography is used in a brilliant way as it turns and twists with small means and create the feeling from their home to Katlagrottan with the same stage construction. The lighting also creates different environments. A few cherry blossom branches create the idyll in Körsbärsdalen. The scene when their home burns is effectively done and you can almost feel the heat from the flames. I did miss some fire spewing from Katla though – smoke and fancy lighting effects added drama to Katla, but some fire would have added even more impact.

The costumes are stylish and enhance the characters and mood of the plot.

This is a family show but not for the little ones as the story is dark and can be a bit scary in some scenes. My ten-year-old companion thought it was exciting and good, so she was satisfied.

Don't miss this performance, which with great respect and love has managed the atmosphere and the message of evil and good, life and death and a fantastic sibling love found in the book Brothers Lionhear. An immortal story, now given a new life at Intiman.

The premiere was also enhanced by the fact that Astrid Lindgren's granddaughter Malin Billing was present and received flowers instead of Astrid. Even Staffan Götestam, who played Jonatan in the film, could be seen in the frenzy of the audience.

Bröderna Lejonhjärta is played until December 30th.

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