Review: ASKUNGEN/CINDERELLA at Folkoperan

Opening night of Askungen

By: Sep. 21, 2023
Review: ASKUNGEN/CINDERELLA at Folkoperan

Rossini's opera Cinderella premiered in 1817 in Rome. The folk opera's set is a lovely mix of Rossini, Disney and Barbie. The plot does not quite follow the usual, but the prince (Conny Thimander) sets himself out to look for a wife dressed as a servant when he meets Cinderella (Josefine Andersson), who lives at home with her stepfather (Peter Kajlinger) and two stepsisters (Susanna Andersson and Katija Dragojevic).

The stepsisters think they are incredibly beautiful and have a self-image that doesn't quite match reality. Dandini, the prince's servant (Sebastian Durán) pretends to be the prince and the two stepsisters do everything to impress him.

The first act is on a more muted scale but ends with Cinderella being helped by Alidoro (Sami Yousri) who transforms her from a maid into a real Disney princess in a light blue beautiful dress under a shower of fireworks.

The second act escalates to a colorful crescendo when it's time for the ball at the castle. The decor is a pink orgy in the best Barbie style, a gigantic cake buffet and the clothes exploding in colorful splendor in clear strong colors.

After all the entanglements and the ice cream shoe once again sitting on Cinderella's foot, it all ends in a pink bouncy castle when the prince and Cinderella get each other.

Rikard Bergqvist's translation transforms Cinderella into a modern and funny performance. The lyrics are managed and interpreted well by the entire well-singing ensemble.

The audience is drawn to laughter many times by both the lyrics and the characters. It's fine that it switches to bushis, but they stay on the right side.

Folkoperan is supposed to put on opera that suits everyone and this production really lives up to that. A performance that is a colorful popsicle, funny, well-sung and well-articulated so that you can almost always hear what they are singing.

But in some songs there are so many words that you don't have a chance to catch up, impressive that they have time to sing all the words. Cinderella amuses both the inveterate opera-goer and the unaccustomed first-time visitor.

So if you haven't been to the Folkoperan before why not give this one a chance. It is without a doubt the best thing I have seen at the Folkoperan. The applause was long and intense and it radiated to everyone on stage.

Cinderella is played until November 26.


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