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Dangerous Music Production Information


October 22, 1988

Theatres: Burt Reynolds Jupiter Theatre
10/22/1988 - ?

Production Type:Premiere
Production Status:
Run Type:Limited Run
Market:Regional (US)

Other Productions of Dangerous Music

1988   Regional (US) World Premiere
Regional (US)



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SHOW TYPE: Musical

Score Overview

The following is a list of songs in the show or that have been included in the show in various versions:

Main Program

Dangerous Music
Hey, Turk
We're Alive, Diane
Worried About the Way You Feel
Dancing at the Prom
This Is Your Big Chance, Diane
I'm So Rough on the Outside
You Got Me Going, Baby
Who Did This to You
You Haven't Talked
It's About Your Daughter
New Girl Comin' In
One More Loser
Where Is My Heart Now
I'm Always Gonna Be a Part of You
Keep It Quiet
A Bottle of Peroxide
We Gotta Make Some Money
I'm Gonna Fly
Diane's Letter
I Love You
Potato Chips
I Don't Know What to Tell Her
Come Home, Diane
Make It Work for You
We Are the People
I Am Your Obsession
Girls Like Me
I'm Addicted to You
Danger Danger
White Girl
You Can't Hold Me Down
I'm My Father's Daughter
Hello Mama
Do You Know Me
I Remember You
Here Is the Heart

Cut during tryout period

Turk I Needed You
Diane Gets an Offer
I'm Getting Out
Let's Keep This Business
Diane Did Better Than Us
We're American
You Lost It, Jerry
So You Saw What It Happened
Get Rid of Her
First Interview
Second Interview
I Don't Want to Be Famous
My Star Player