Theatre Information

Roundabout Stage I (New York, NY)
333 23rd Street

Pins and Needles Production Information


May 30, 1978

Closing:December 17, 1975
# Performances:225
Theatres: Roundabout Stage I (New York, NY)
5/30/1978 - 12/17/1975

Production Type:Revival
Production Status:
Run Type:Open Run


Other Productions of Pins and Needles

1937   Broadway Original Broadway Production
1978   Off-Broadway Off-Broadway Revival


Audio Recordings

1962  Studio Cast

Show Information



  • Pins and Needles 1939 (alternate title)
  • Pins and Needles 1940 (alternate title)
  • New Pins and Needles (alternate title)

Score Overview

The following is a list of songs in the show or that have been included in the show in various versions:

Main Program

First Impressions
Why Sing of Skies Above!
a.k.a. Sing Me a Song with Social Significance
Mussolini Handicap
Public Enemy Number One
The General Unveiled
We'd Rather Be Right [i]
We'd Rather Be Right [ii]
The Little Red Schoolhouse
Sunday in the Park
Dear Beatrice Fairfax
a.k.a. Nobody Makes a Pass at Me
Economics I [i]
Economics I [ii]
a.k.a. Economics
Men Awake
Lesson in Etiquette
a.k.a. It's Not Cricket to Picket
F.T.P. Plowed Under
What Good Is Love?
One Big Union for Two
Vassar Girl Finds a Job
a.k.a. Chain Store Daisy
Four Little Angels of Peace
Slumming Party
Doin' the Reactionary
a.k.a. Doing the Reactionary
We've Just Begun

Added during the Broadway run

Brittania Waives the Rules
Papa Lewis, Mama Green
a.k.a. Papa Don't Love Mama Anymore
I've Got the Nerve to Be in Love
The Red Mikado
Mene, Mene, Tekel
The Harmony Boys [i]
The Harmony Boys [ii]
Bertha the Sewing Machine Girl
It's Better with a Union Man
We Sing America
Stay Out, Sammy
Sitting on Your Status Quo
Back to Work
Oh, Give Me the Good Old Days
a.k.a. When I Grow Up
a.k.a. The G-Man Song
What This Party Needs
Lorelei on the Rocks
Song of the Ads
The Yanks Aren't Coming
Room for One
Call It Un-American
I'm Just Nuts About You
The Pluto Boys
Hold On to Your Hats, Boys, Here We Go Again
History, Eight to the Bar
All Alone on the Lone Prairie
Cream of Mush [i]
Cream of Mush [ii]
Paradise Mislaid
Poker Players

Added to the 1978 revival

Man of the Year
a.k.a. F.D.R. Jones
a.k.a. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jones