Theatre Information

Lyric Theatre (London, )
(Piccadilly Circus) Shaftesbury Avenue

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The Cocoanuts Production Information


December 08, 1925

Opening Info:December 8, 1925
# Performances:276
Theatres: Lyric Theatre (London, )
12/8/1925 - ?

Lyric Theatre (Broadway) (New York, NY)
12/8/1925 - 8/7/1926

Production Type:Original Production
Production Status:
Run Type:Open Run


Other Productions of The Cocoanuts

1925   Broadway Original Broadway Production
1927   Broadway Unknown
1928   West End London Production
West End


Audio Recordings

1929  Film Soundtrack
2003  Excerpts (The Broadway Musicals of 1925)

Show Information

SHOW TYPE: Musical

Score Overview

The following is a list of songs in the show or that have been included in the show in various versions:

Main Program

The Guests
a.k.a. Opening Act 1
a.k.a. So This Is Florida
The Bellhops
a.k.a. Bellboy Opening
Family Reputation
a.k.a. With a Family Reputation
Lucky Boy
Why Am I a Hit with the Ladies?
a.k.a. A Hit with the Ladies
A Little Bungalow
Florida by the Sea
The Monkey Doodle-Doo
Tea Dance
Five O'Clock Tea
They're Blaming the Charleston
We Should Care [i]
Minstrel Days
Orchestra Specialty
Tango Melody
a.k.a. Spain
The Tale of a Shirt
a.k.a. Shirt Number
Piano Specialty for Chico Marx
Harp Specialty for Harpo Marx

Cut prior to opening

When We're Running a Little Hotel of Our Own
We Should Care [ii]
What's There About Me?
Too Many Sweethearts

Added for the "1926 New Summer Edition"

Why Do You Want to Know Why?
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Ting-A-Ling, the Bells'll Ring
Everyone in the World Is Doing the Charleston

Written for the 1929 film version

When My Dreams Come True

Added to the film version

Gypsy Love Song
a.k.a. Slumber On, My Little Gypsy Sweetheart

Added to the 1988 revival