Theatre Information

Daly's Theatre (London, )
Cranbourn Street, Leicester Square

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The Belle of Brittany Production Information


November 08, 1909

Closing:January 08, 1910
# Performances:72
Theatres: Daly's Theatre (London, )
11/8/1909 - 1/9/1910

Daly's Theatre (New York, NY)
11/8/1909 - 1/8/1910

Production Type:Original Production
Production Status:
Run Type:Open Run


Other Productions of The Belle of Brittany

1908   West End Original London Production
West End
1909   Broadway Broadway Production


Audio Recordings

1909  Studio Cast

Show Information

SHOW TYPE: Musical

Score Overview

The following is a list of songs in the show or that have been included in the show in various versions:

Main Program

The Bois D'Amour
It's Too Late Now
Daffodil Time
All Roads Lead to Church
The Trysting Tree
I'm Not a Lady's Maid
I Must Go Home Tonight
The Stepping Stones
The Doggies and the Bone
The Girl with the Clocking on Her Stocking
Two Giddy Goats
Wreathe the Golden Flowers
The Best Brittany
The Old Chateau
Little Country Mice
In the Oven
The Dawn of Love