Run Time:
One hour and 30 minutes with one intermission
Opened: March 30, 2006
Closing: May 14, 2006

Well - 2006 - Broadway Tickets, News, Info & More

Longacre Theatre (Broadway)
220 West 48th Street New York, NY

“I wanted to crawl right into her skin, and I couldn't push her far enough away.”

Noted solo performer Lisa has written her first multi-character play, a riff on her and her mother Ann’s knotty history with chronic illness. But as she presents her story, nothing goes to plan. Ann won’t stay put in her recliner. The chorus can’t keep track of their scenes. Childhood nemesis Lori Jones keeps popping up. As Lisa struggles to maintain control of the show and herself, she confronts her greatest fear: turning into her mother

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Well has had 2 productions including Broadway which opened in 2006 and Broadway which opened in 2006.



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