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Viagara Falls - 2010 - Off-Broadway


Although the subject matter revolves around a famous "little blue pill," two old war buddies and a loopy lady of the evening, Viagara Falls is a good natured comedy for everyone to enjoy. Audiences from Palm Springs to Palm Beach have flocked to grab up tickets for sold-out performances.


Running Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes, with no intermission

Stage 42

(New York, NY)
422 West 42nd Street (between 9th and 10th)

Viagara Falls Off-Broadway Cast


by Ben Peltz - July 22, 2010
There's something very endearing about watching a couple of old pros like Bernie Kopell and Lou Cutell exercise their finely tuned comedic chops as a pair of elderly widowers looking for a night of excitement; especially when that excitement comes in the form of Teresa Ganzel, who displays ample comic skills herself as the shapely blonde goodtime girl with a heart of gold.  Add another actor and this trio could deliver a very enjoyable production of The Sunshine Boys.  But alas, the vehicle they ride into the Little Shubert, Viagara Falls, is an anaemic sex comedy that wastes their talents and the audience's patience.