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Verso - 2016 - Off-Broadway

One of the world’s top close-up magic artists, Helder Guimaraes, returns to New York City with a brand new show following the acclaimed, sold-out run of Nothing to Hide.

Intimate and enigmatic, witty and unorthodox, Verso is Helder's most daunting journey into the impossible yet. Bear witness as he pushes the very limits of magic, and challenges just how much you’re willing to accept what your eyes assume to be true.

Don't blink. There are lies in every reality. Truth in every deception. What is real? What is impossible? What do you believe?


Running Time: Two hours with one intermission

New World Stages Stage V

(New York, NY)
340 West 50th Street

Verso Off-Broadway Cast


by BWW News Desk - November 1, 2016
The successful opening of Verso in September has resulted in premier close-up artist Helder Guimarães being asked to serve as a magic consultant for the A-list stars of a new feature film currently in production. This film will be released in 2018. Guimarães will play his final performance in his latest critically acclaimed new show on Sunday, November 27 at 7:00 pm.
by Michael Dale - September 29, 2016
It takes a certain amount of moxie for a solo performer to begin his Off-Broadway show by looking into the audience and stating 'I am weird.'
by BWW News Desk - September 28, 2016
Tonight, Helder Guimarães, one of the premier close-up artists of the world, opens his newest show for New York audiences.