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THE TAILOR-MADE MAN will receive its world premiere at London's Arts Theatre on Thursday 21 February 2013, following previews from 13 February, for a limited eight-week season ending on 6 April. THE TAILOR-MADE MAN is the true story of the silent film star William Haines, who was fired by MGM Studios and Louis B Mayer because he was gay and refused to marry and give up his lifelong partner Jimmy Shields.

In 1930, William “Billy” Haines was one of MGM’s most idolised male stars, tailor-made to always get the girl in every film. But behind the scenes, he cruised every bit player and stagehand in sight.

Billy lived openly with his lover and former stand-in Jimmy Shields – which was tolerated by MGM until rumours began to leak out into the public. Louis B Mayer ordered him to marry the sultry silent screen vamp Pola Negri. Defiant, Billy refused and was fired. He reinvented himself, fashioning an even more successful second career as an interior designer to the stars.

This powerful account exposes the truth about Hollywood, its system and hypocrisy, but above all celebrates Billy and Jimmy’s turbulent, passionate love story that survived more than over 50 years.

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