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(Gottfried Kinkel's wife)

(Herzen's Italian daughter-in-law, Sasha's wife)

(French republican politican)

(Alexander Herzen's daughter)

(First President of independent Hungary, in exile)

(An English nanny)

(Radical German editor and activist of 1848)

(Author of the Communist Manifesto)

(Leading figure of the Polish opposition in exile)

(A German governess and tutor)

(Radical German poet and activist of 1848)

(A radical, author of "What Is to Be Done?")

(Ogarev's mistress)

(Nicholas' second wife)

(Alexander Herzen's daughter)

(Italian nationalist leader in exile)

(Radical English Chartist politician)

Production Team

Mark Bennett Sound Designer
(Original Music)
Bob Crowley Scenic Designer
William Cusick Projection Designer
Natasha Katz Lighting Designer
Michele Lynch Choreographer
Jack O'Brien Director
Scott Pask Scenic Designer
Tom Watson Hair and Wig Designer
Catherine Zuber Costume Designer