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Teddy & Alice - Broadway

Teddy & Alice is a musical with a book by Jerome Alden, lyrics by Hal Hackady, and music adapted from the work of John Philip Sousa, with some new songs by Richard Kapp. In its very early stages, Alan Jay Lerner contributed material before he died.

The patriotic spectacle focuses on President Theodore Roosevelt's relationship with his feisty daughter during his reign in the White House. Stubbornly independent, Alice smokes, dresses provocatively, and speaks her mind about foreign policy issues in an era when modest young ladies are seen and not heard. Complications ensue when she begins a romantic relationship with considerably older Congressman Nicholas Longworth.

Henry Cabot Lodge, Elihu Root, J. P. Morgan, Ida Tarbell, William Howard Taft, Samuel Gompers, and Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt are among the historical figures who make an appearance.


Minskoff Theatre

(New York, NY)
200 W. 45th St.