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Tartuffe - 2018 - West End Tickets, News, Info & More

£20 - £116

Inspired by current world events, award-winning playwright Christopher Hampton has adapted afresh Moliere's comedic masterpiece.

L.A. Present day. French media tycoon Orgon has re-located to Tinseltown with his family, his heart set on becoming Hollywood royalty. With a new studio to his name, and a palatial Beverly Hills mansion, his empire seems infallible. But all is not as it seems as Orgon falls under the seductive spell of Tartuffe, a radical American evangelist. So comprehensively has Tartuffe hoodwinked Orgon that he looks set to steal his fortune, drive away his son, seduce his wife and marry his daughter.


Theatre Royal Haymarket

About the Theatre
(London, )
18 Suffolk Street London SW1Y 4HT

Tartuffe West End Cast


by Nicole Ackman - June 19, 2018
George Blagden is well known for the roles of Athelstan on Vikings and Louis XIV on Versailles, as well as Grantaire in the Les Miserables film. He is currently playing Damis in Tartuffe at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.
by Nicole Ackman - May 29, 2018
The Royal Haymarket Theatre's new production of Tartuffe reimagines the classic Moliere comedy in the West End's first ever dual-language production. The play, adapted by Christopher Hampton, sets the satire in contemporary Los Angeles, with hints at Donald Trump replacing original references to King Louis XIV. It's a surprisingly funny and disarmingly relevant modernisation supported by a cast of English and French actors who have done impressive work across theatre, film, and television.
by Stephi Wild - May 15, 2018
Acclaimed film and television actor Paul Anderson will play the title role in Tartuffe at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, alongside celebrated stage and screen stars Audrey Fleurot, George Blagden, Sebastian Roche and Olivia Ross. In the West End's first ever dual-language production, Moliere's classic comedy re-imagines Tartuffe as a radical American evangelist who uproots the life of a French film tycoon in Hollywood.
by Charlie Wilks - April 17, 2018
Sebastian Roche is an actor, born in France. He graduated from the prestigious Conservatoire National Superieur d'Art Dramatique, and started his acting career in French theatre, films and television. He is well known for his work on popular American series as well, such as General Hospital, The Originals, Scandal, 24, and Criminal Minds to name a few.