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Stag Movie - 1971 - Off-Broadway

Events surrounding the filming of a “blue movie” in a motel room.


Gate Theatre

(New York, NY)
162 Second Avenue
by Don Grigware - Apr 9, 2018
On Friday April 6 and Saturday April 7 actress/author/minister Adrienne Barbeau brought An Evening with Adrienne Barbeau: There Are Worse Things I Could Do to the Debbie Reynolds Mainstage Theatre of the El Portal in NoHo. Playwright Brian Christopher Williams, a good personal friend of Barbeau's, moderated the evening. For 95 minutes Barbeau and Williams sat in comfortable chairs onstage and talked about her life which began in California and then moved onto New York and back. Barbeau is still youthful and beautiful at 72 and has such warmth and honesty oozing from every pore that the audience hung on every word. The evening never lagged..The time moved too quickly and an enthusiastic Q and A followed with Barbeau still beaming.
by TJ Fitzgerald - Apr 14, 2006
A Talk with Adrienne Barbeau