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  3. Simon Lovell - Don't Press Charges

Alleged former conman, Simon Lovell, presents a one man show of his most unusual life. It's a joyous romp through the world of the con including weird antics designed to irritate airport security, the musical mice, some great card tricks and cheating moves, and so much more. He even teaches the audience at least four ways to cheat their friends so that they can win their ticket money back! This �charming� Brit has been described as having, �The hands of a god, the voice of an angel, and the heart of a sewer rat!� Described by the Wall Street Journal as �A Dazzling 70 Minute Show� this eccentric Brit will take you on a roller coaster ride into the dark and seedy world of white collar crime and have you laughing all the way. Just hold onto your wallets tightly. A con man so lovable you won�t want to press charges!
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