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Katdashians! Will answer all your katdashian questions:

What exactly is a kimoji? Can Katye West save Kim with the power of fashion? Will Kim ever stop crying? God. What’s the point of Kourtney Katdashian? F*ck, marry, or kill: Khloe Katdashian? Will Catlyn Jenner ever be accepted by the Katdashians? Kylie and Kendall? Anyone? Ok but seriously guys, what happened to Rob Katdashian? Does anyone have a DVD of Kim’s sex tape? Asking for a friend.


Peter Smith, who brought their unique flair to the roles of Mary's Husband, Mary's Teacher, and Kyle in Katdashians, has been praised as "wickedly playful" by The New Yorker and has an impressive array of theater and screen credits, including Macbeth on Broadway and Fire Island on Searchlight. more...
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