If Only

Developed at The Lark Playwriting Center, If Only is a new four-character play by Thomas Klingenstein that explores a love and a racial equality that might have been. In 1860 Abraham Lincoln came to New York City where he befriended a well-educated ex-slave, and a young, spirited woman from New York's social class. In the middle of the Civil War, Lincoln brought them together. A romantic relationship ensued but one that neither could acknowledge. Now, thirty-six years later they meet again. They long for each other. For what might have been had Lincoln lived. His assassination changed forever their fate and the fate of a nation.


Running Time: 80 minutes

Cherry Lane Theatre

(New York, NY)
38 Commerce St. (Bedford & Hudson Street)
by Michael Dale - September 6, 2017
Snuggled at the curve of a quiet little Greenwich Village side street, the quaint and historic Cherry Lane Theatre is a perfect spot to engage in a quiet little drama.