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American Jewish Theatre/Greenwald Theatre (New York, NY)
307 West 26th Street

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CABARET LIFE NYC: Reaction to the Recent Rita Wilson and Molly Ringwald Cafe Carlyle Shows Reveal Much About How We View Singing Celebrities
by Stephen Hanks - Oct 27, 2014

Rita Wilson and Molly Ringwald deserve a lot of credit for being gutsy enough to go out of their comfort zones as performers and venture into the intimate, sometimes scary art from known as cabaret, where you're always live and can't rely on extra takes. It's also obvious that they've worked very hard at becoming the best vocalists they can possibly be. They have just as much right to live out their cabaret performing fantasies as, oh, about 75 percent of the 'singers' booking shows in cabaret room all over the New York. If Wilson and Ringwald weren't bold-faced names would their singing really be considered good enough to merit them gigs (and extended ones at that) at the Cafe Carlyle? And if they weren't celebrities, would they be receiving such breathlessly positive reviews from critics, some of who should know better? (more...)

Jason Kander Strikes Back at Richard Spencer's Use of Song from CABARET
by BWW News Desk - Mar 19, 2017

Richard Spencer, founder of the 'Alt-Right' movement is no one's favorite person, especially as he continually harasses Democrats on Twitter. In a recent exchange reporter and columnist Eli Lake and Josh Marshall, editor and publisher of the news publication Talking Points Memo, Spencer pushed his luck. (more...)

Quotables from LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON , Week of 1/7
by TV News Desk - Jan 14, 2013

Below, check out quotables from NBC's LATE NIGHT WITH Jimmy Fallon JANUARY 7 - 11: (more...)

BWW Reviews: SEATTLE VICE at ACT Remembers the Smutty Fun
by Jay Irwin - Apr 4, 2014

Psst! Hey Buddy! Yeah you! You lookin' for a good time with some scantily clad performers who are ready and willing to do whatever you want while putting on a hell of a show? Well then you'd better hop in your time machine and head back the 1960's because Seattle doesn't do that anymore. But luckily we have "Seattle Vice" now performing over at ACT which takes a look back at those grittier days of Seattle in the 60's where the booze and the boobs flowed freely. (more...)

BWW Interviews: Josh Young as Che in EVITA on Tour Talks Career and Experiences
by Kathy Strain - Apr 14, 2014