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Comfort Women 2015

Ages: 14+
Opened: July 31, 2015
Closing: August 09, 2015

Comfort Women - 2015 - Off-Broadway History , Info & More

St. Clements Theatre
423 West 46th St. (9 & 10th) New York, NY

Set in 1941, Comfort Women takes us to Seoul, Korea, where we meet Goeun, a young woman whose brother is attempting to revolt against the Imperial Japanese Army. Goeun meets a man who promises her a good paying job at a factory in Tokyo. Feeling like she has no other options to support her family, she chooses to leave her home and take the job. Unfortunately Goeun soon realizes that this is not the dream opportunity that she has been promised. She is held hostage, transported to Indonesia, and is forced to become a Japanese Imperial Army sexual slave. We follow Goeun through this life-altering experience as she befriends fellow slaves (Comfort Women) and they plan their impossible escape.

Comfort Women - 2015 - Off-Broadway Cast

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Comfort Women History

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2015   Off-Broadway Original Off-Broadway Production