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Review - Devil Boys From Beyond: Charles or Charles?
by Ben Peltz - November 14, 2010

While the campy antics of Devil Boys From Beyond may suggest an unlikely blend of screwball classics like His Girl Friday with infamous sci-fi fare such as Plan 9 From Outer Space, the movie title that kept popping into my mind was Clash of The Titans.  Not because of the mythical physiques of beefy Boys Jeff Riberdy and Jacques Mitchell, but because this honey of a laff-riot matches esteemed associates from the schools of Off-Broadway's two most significant drag theatre artists. (more...)

Review - Boy's Life:  I Wish I Could Go Back To CollegeReview - Boy's Life: I Wish I Could Go Back To College
by Kristin Salaky - November 3, 2008

If you're feeling nostalgic for those sweet innocent days when guys could continually act like self-centered jerks and intelligent, attractive women would sleep with them anyway, a trip to Second Stage's funny and energetic revival of Howard Korder's Boy's Life is certainly in order. (more...)

Review - Desir:  Cute Boys In Their Underpants Go To FranceReview - Desir: Cute Boys In Their Underpants Go To France
by Kristin Salaky - August 19, 2008

While the creators of Desir may have had La Ronde in mind while dreaming up their sensual fantasia of backstage trysts, the sight of so many buff fellas in period undergarments, which, with all due respect to the sensational athletic skills on display, are certainly a selling point of the evening, reminded me more of an entry from playwright Robert Coles' legendary series of Cute Boys In Their Underpants adventures, namely Cute Boys In Their Underpants Go To France. (Yes, it's a real play!) Certainly if Olympic gymnastics offered points for eroticism (something I think they should seriously consider for London 2012), Desir would undoubtedly qualify as an evening of gold medal champions. (more...)