Big The Musical

Opened: September 6, 2019
Closing: November 02, 2019

Big The Musical - 2019 - West End History , Info & More

Dominion Theatre
Tottenham Court Road London

Josh Baskin is twelve and life sucks, until one night at a carnival his wish to be big is granted. Now, trapped in an adult body in a grown-up world, he's asking: is being big all it's cracked up to be?

Jay McGuiness (Strictly champion, Rip it Up and of course The Wanted) plays Josh and is joined by some of the West End's most popular stars: Wendi Peters (Coronation Street, Hetty Feather and most recently, White Christmas), Kimberley Walsh (Shrek the Musical, Elf the Musical, Strictly Come Dancing and Girls Aloud) and the Olivier Award-winning actor Matthew Kelly (Waiting for Godot, Of Mice and Men and Spamalot).

With new musical numbers this will be the first time BIG the Musical has been presented in the West End and with a cast and orchestra of over 50 complete a truly BIG production. Don's miss the hilarious and heart-warming musical as it lights up London's Dominion Theatre for nine weeks only this Autumn.

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BWW TV: Watch Jay McGuiness and Kimberley Walsh Sing 'We're Gonna Be Fine' from BIG
by Nicole Rosky - October 10, 2019

Based on the smash-hit movie starring Tom Hanks, BIG The Musical is only on for three more weeks at the Dominion Theatre, closing on 2 November 2019. Below, watch as Jay McGuiness (Josh Baskin) and Kimberley Walsh (Susan Lawrence) sing 'We're Gonna Be Fine'.

VIDEO: BIG THE MUSICAL Celebrates Opening Night At the Dominion Theatre
by A.A. Cristi - September 25, 2019

Based on the smash-hit movie starring Tom Hanks, BIG The Musical makes its West End premiere at the Dominion Theatre for a strictly limited eight-week season from 10 September to 2 November 2019, with a Gala Night in aid of Make-A-Wish on Tuesday 17 September.

BWW Review: BIG THE MUSICAL, Dominion Theatre
by Caroline Cronin - September 17, 2019

BIG the Musical first premiered on Broadway in 1996 and closed after just six months. It had its UK & Ireland premiere in Plymouth in 2016, shortly followed by a stint in Dublin - both starring Jay McGuiness as Josh, who reprises the role for this West End production.


Can't Wait
Talk to Her
The Carnival
Zoltar Speaks
This Isn't Me
I Want to Go Home
The Time of Your Life
Dr. Deathstar
Josh's Welcome
Here We Go Again
Do You Wanna Play Games?
Stars, Stars, Stars
Tavern Foxtrot
Cross the Line
It's Time
Stop, Time
Happy Birthday, Josh
Dancing All the Time
I Want to Know
Coffee, Black
The Real Thing
One Special Man
When You're Big
Skateboard Romance
Your Wish Is Granted
I'm a Kid
I'm a Kid II
I'm a M-O-T-H-E-R
No Problem
Welcome to MacMillan Toys
My Secretary's in Love
There Goes That Music Again
The Product
Little Yellow Duck
A Little Fun
Office Quartet
My Very Best Friend
Let's Not Move Too Fast
Turn Into Something
Not Quite in Love
Little Susan Lawrence
March to the Music
You're Only Young Once
Cross Over the Line
Wha' Da Kids Want?
At the Mall
Happy As I'll Ever Be
Your Choice
The Ballad of Pound Ridge
The Twelve Toys of Christmas
What Is This?
At the Right Time
To Be a Man
Through the Eyes of a Child
Growing Pains
Now I Really Know
We're Gonna Be Fine
Like a Grown-up
Office Romance
She Kissed Me
Say Good Morning to Mom
I'll Think About It Later
You Don't Want to Know
Dish at the Dance
Isn't It Magic?
Port Authority Shuffle
Big Boys
Outta Here!
Turning into Something
Opening Sequence
Say Good Morning To Mom
You're A Big Boy Now
Time Of Your Life
Fun (Tag)
Welcome To MacMillan Toys
My Secretary's In Love
MacMillan Toys 2
Let's Not Move Too Fast
Do You Want To Play Games?
Little Susan Lawrence
Cross The Line
It's Time
Stop, Time
The Nightmare
Dancing All The Time
I Want To Know
Coffee, Black
The Real Thing
Josh's "big"/Ballet
We're Gonna Be Fine
Big The Musical has had 3 productions including Broadway which opened in 1996, Broadway which opened in 1996 and West End which opened in 2019.



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