Bagels and Yox Broadway

The production opened September 12th, 1951 at New York's Holiday Theatre and ran for 208 performances before going on the road.) ..... Direct from Broadway, the ensemble cast included LARRY ALPERT, the BARTON BROTHERS, MARTY DRAKE, RICKI FIELDS, MARY FORREST, ROSEMARY FUHRMAN, PATRICE HELENE, JAN HOWARD, KURT JONS and his Dancers, RICKIE LAYNE and VELVEL, INA LERNER, ROXANNE REED, LOU SAXON, BARBARA SOBELL and PAULA STEVENS ..... CREDITS: Music and Lyrics by SHOLOM SECUNDA and HY JACOBSON; Music arranged by JEROME GOLDSTEIN; Produced by AL BECKMAN and JOHN PRANSKY


Holiday Theatre

(New York, NY)
1567 Broadway (47th St.)
by Linda Hodges - Jun 7, 2011
Making its regional premiere with TheaterWorks Silicon Valley [title of show] is a fresh, funny and fabulous production about - what else - two guys writing a show about writing a show - on deadline.
by Jef Tingley - Apr 19, 2016
Television was forever changed in 1989 when 'Seinfeld' aired leading to subsequent generations of fans obsessed with 'a show about nothing.' And just as 'Seinfeld' altered the course of television, [TITLE OF SHOW] has forever changed the modern musical with a story of two best pals, their two actress friends and a trusty piano player writing a musical about writing their musical in three weeks to submit to the New York Theater Festival.