All the Faces of the Moon 2013

Run Time:
75 minutes
Opened: September 5, 2013
Closing: October 03, 2013

All the Faces of the Moon - 2013 - Off-Broadway History , Info & More

Public Theater [Joe's Pub]
425 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10003

Mike Daisey returns to The Public with a breathtakingly epic theatrical event: a story told over the course of a lunar month, a new monologue every night, in 29 unique consecutive performances. Each evening stands alone as a single episode, but together they create a living theatrical novel set against the secret history of New York City - a city that is loved and loathed and larger than life. From Pentecostal church services held in IKEA showrooms to Nikola Tesla's laboratories in the Lower East Side, from the infamous Mole People's convocations deep beneath the subway lines to the hidden and terrifying plans of Robert Moses, Daisey weaves a story of ordinary magic in a most extraordinary city. Night after night he will strive like Scheherazade to tell the largest story ever attempted in the American theater.

All the Faces of the Moon - 2013 - Off-Broadway Cast

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Review �" ALL THE FACES OF THE MOON Takes Daisey Full Circle
by Michael Dale - September 12, 2013

Mike Daisey's 29 monologues explore New York through an entire lunar cycle.

All the Faces of the Moon History

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2013   Off-Broadway Public Theater Production