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A Thousand Summers - 1932 - Broadway


Selwyn Theatre

(New York, NY)
229 W. 42nd St.
by BWW News Desk - Dec 15, 2015
Just Breathe is an intimate portrayal of Seaside, Oregon, author Honey Perkel's fight to save her child. Since Brian was fifteen months old, Honey battled with his defiant behavior, beginning an endless pattern of worry and frustration. And it only grew worse from there. The symptoms were many: separation anxiety, wild rages, explosive temper tantrums, marked irritability, oppositional behavior, risk-taking behavior, depression, and low self-esteem. He was a child unafraid of anyone or anything. First acting out at home, then in school, then out in the world, the family's dynamics were soon out of control, pain and fear ruling every situation. Out of desperation the police were called countless times as the years progressed until Honey finally had her son arrested on an assault charge.