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The Plague Master General (a bubonic comedy) show poster

The Plague Master General (a bubonic comedy) at West of Lenin

Dates: (4/12/2024 - 4/27/2024 )


West of Lenin

Blue Hour Theatre Group

203 N 36th St #204, Seattle, WA 98103
Seattle,WA 98103

Tickets: $25 (with PWYC options)

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  3. The Plague Master General (a bubonic comedy)

“The Plague Master General (a bubonic comedy),” is a bitingly funny and cynical look at a kingdom that handles, mishandles, and ignores an impending and obvious catastrophe.

It’s the mid-1300s (give or take) and a deadly plague no one understands is engulfing Europe. Thankfully, they’ve found someone who’s going to cure it. Is he a doctor? A scholar? A debonair hero with charisma and can-do spirit? Absolutely not. But thanks to a powerful baron, a terrifying baroness, and a doctor-priest who couldn’t be bothered, our “hero" now has a life-or-death responsibility for which he is entirely unqualified.

This new dark comedy mashes “The Crucible” with Monty Python to explore the dangers of hubris, apathy, and blind faith in the healing power of leeches.

Subject matter contains graphic bloody themes, foul language, and references to death. Actors will be coughing throughout the show.

Cast and Creative team for The Plague Master General (a bubonic comedy) at West of Lenin


Jillian Faulk

Lord Afonso Aguiar Lobato de Braga

Annie St John

Dr. Botter and others

Jeremy Radick

Baron, Sir Donald, and others

Ellen Dessler Smith

Baroness and others

Brian Brooks

Father O'Fraghle, Hob, and others

Sara Schweid

Father Lacey and others

Creative Team

Greg LoProto

Playwright / Director

Chris Ertel

Lighting Design

John Dugaw

Props Master / Assistant Director

Katie Wallace

Costume Design

Brian Brooks

Sound Design

Cat Brooks

Scenic Design

Christy Mooers

Stage Manager

Brittany Lael

Assistant Stage Manager

West of Lenin Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

West of Lenin is at 203 N 36th St #204, Seattle, WA 98103, Seattle, WA.


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