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The Elmer Bernstein Memorial Film Series Returns toThe Granada Theatre for Its Third Season!

The Santa Barbara Center for the Performing Arts (SBCPA) is pleased to announce the return of The Elmer Bernstein Memorial Film Series for its third season. This year's series will launch with a screening of the comedy classic, Animal House, on Monday, August 29, 2016 at 7pm.
Established by the SBCPA to honor the life and work of noted film composer and Santa Barbara Resident, Elmer Bernstein, the Elmer Bernstein Memorial Film Series presents an annual selection of films noteworthy for the importance of their musical scores to the telling of each film's unique story.
Guest series curator Jon Burlingame, returns for a second year as host and pre-show commentator for each screening. Mr. Burlingame is the nation's leading writer on music for film and television, and an expert on the music of Elmer Bernstein. He regularly writes for the Daily Variety and the Los Angeles Times and has written for The New York Times, Washington Post, New York Daily News, Newsday, Premier, Emmy, and The Hollywood Reporter. He is the author of four books on music in motion pictures, television, and recording. He is also a leading expert on the music of Elmer Bernstein and contributed a chapter on Bernstein in the book Moving Music: Conversations With Renowned Film Composers.
The full lineup of this season's films is as follows:
Elmer Bernstein Memorial Film Series 2016 - 2017
Animal House Monday August 29, 2016, 7pm
Delta Tau Chi fraternity at Faber College is the bane of Dean Vernon Wormer's existence. It's members don't attend class, are the source of endless pranks on campus and have broken every rule imaginable. As a group, they have a negligible GPA and their main reason for living is to party. When Wormer finally finds a way to expel them all, the men of Delta Tau Chi decide to give the college a homecoming parade they will never forget. 1978, 109 min., R
Directed by John Landis and starrring: John Belushi, Karen Allen & Donald Sutherland
The Man with the Golden Arm, Monday, September 26, 2016, 7pm
Frankie Machine is no sooner back in his old neighborhood after a 6 month stint in prison and rehab than his old drug dealer, Louie is after him to restart his old drug habit. Frankie will have nothing to with him, proudly declaring that he is drug free and has no intention of letting that monkey get on his back ever again. Before going to prison he was a card dealer but learned to play the drums and now has hopes of becoming a professional musician. It's going to be a struggle however. His wife Zosch, clinging and wheelchair-bound and his old gambling boss, Schwiefka, stress him to the point that he soon falls back into his old drug habit. The girl he really loves, Molly, stands by him through thick and thin but when Louie is killed, the police believe Frankie is the man responsible and go after him. 1955, 119 min., NR
Summer and Smoke , Monday, December 5, 2016, 7pm
Based on the Tennessee Williams play of the same name. Since childhood, spinster Alma Winemiller has loved handsome young Dr. John Buchanan, Jr.. But John has fallen hard for Rosa Zacharias, the town's sultry vamp, and descends into a seamy nightlife while ignoring Alma's dreams of romance and possible marriage. 1961, 118 min., NR
Directed by Peter Glenville and starring: Lawrence Harvey, Geraldine Page & Rita Moreno
The Shootist Monday, January 9, 2017, 7pm
John Bernard Books, a gunfighter approaching his 58th birthday, finds that he has rectal cancer and two months to live. He takes a room with Bond Rogers and her son, Gillom, to wait until death comes. Of course, his very presence starts off events in the town. The Marshal comes, prepared to die in a shootout, Gillom tries to idolize him, Bond first is disgusted and then pities him. Then, realizing that he will die in great pain, he comes up with an idea to go out with a bang. 1976, 100 min., PG
Directed by Don Siegel and starring: John Wayne, Lauren Bacall, Ron Howard & Jimmy Stewart
Far From Heaven, Monday, March 13, 2017, 7pm
Cathy is the perfect 50s housewife, living the perfect 50s life: healthy kids, successful husband, social prominence. Then one night she surprises her husband Frank kissing another man, and her tidy world starts spinning out of control. In her confusion and grief, she finds consolation in the friendship of their African-American gardener, Raymond - a socially taboo relationship that leads to the further disintegration of life as she knew it. Despite Cathy and Frank's struggle to keep their marriage afloat, the reality of his homosexuality and her feelings for Raymond open a painful, if more honest, chapter in their lives. 2002, 107 min., PG-13
The Ten Commandments, Monday, April 10, 2017, 7pm
Cecil B. DeMille's remake of his first great film, Moses leads the slaves from the tyranny of the Egyptian pharaoh and into the desert where he is later given the law of God. Once the pharaoh's chief architect, Moses receives the attentions of the Queen until he rebels and is cast into exile. 1956, 220 min., NR
Directed by Cecil B. DeMille and starring: Charleton Heston, Yul Brenner, Anne Baxter & Edward G. Robinson
The Birdman of Alcatraz, Monday, May 8, 2017, 7pm
As an inmate at Leavenworth prison, Robert Stroud has a series of confrontations with the guards and with the other convicts. When Stroud kills a guard, he is sentenced to be executed, and only his mother's impassioned intervention gets his sentence commuted to life imprisonment, which he must serve in solitary confinement. As he serves out his sentence in boredom and despair, one day he finds a helpless baby sparrow in the exercise yard. Stroud soon takes a deep interest in caring for birds, which gives him a new purpose in life, but which also brings new conflicts with prison authorities. 1962, 147 min., NR
Directed by John Frankenheimer and starring: Burt Lancaster, Karl Malden, Thelma Ritter & Telly Savalas
Trading Places, Monday, June 19, 2017, 7pm
Mortimer and Randolph Duke are commodity brokers who enjoy a little wager now and then. For the latest bet, Randolph believes they can take a common criminal and make him a successful businessman in the company. The criminal, Billy Ray, is to be given the job and home of Louis, who in turn is set up for crimes he didn't commit, to see if he resorts to crime once he's lost his rich environment and friends. 1983, 116 min., R
Directed by John Landis and starring: Dan Akryod, Eddie Murphy, Ralph Bellamy, Don Amici & Jamie Lee Curtis.
Tickets range in price from $10 - $20, and are available through The Granada Theatre's Box Office - please click here to purchase or call the Box Office at (805) 899-2222. Dates and film titles are subject to change.
To learn more about how to support The Granada Theatre, please contact Hayley Firestone Jessup, Vice President for Advancement, at 805-899-3000 or For more information, please
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