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Just Call Me God: A Dictator’s Final Speech at Oshman Family JCC




Oshman Family JCC

3921 Fabian Way
Palo Alto,CA 94303

Tickets Info

Phone: (650) 223-8678

Just Call Me God: A Dictator’s Final Speech in San Francisco

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The Oshman Family JCC presents two-time Oscar nominee John Malkovich, in a brilliantly impassioned music-drama about a dictators descent from megalomania into full-blown madness. Charting the last hour of his life, Just Call Me God: A Dictators Final Speech tells the story of fictional dictator Satur Diman Cha, who is hiding underground from the liberation army forces after a fall from power. When the first group of soldiers, accompanied by a journalist, breaks into his palace, they discover a gigantic subterranean concert halland the dictator on the brink of insanity. Set against live video imagery and a powerful soundtrack of classical and improvised pieces played by organist Martin Haselbck, the veteran actor shines in this one-man journey to the point where power has corrupted absolutely.

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