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Fallaci at Berkeley Repertory Theatre


3/8/2013 - 4/21/2013


Berkeley Repertory Theatre

2025 Addison Street
Phone: 5106472949

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Roda Theatre: - Lawrence Wright; dir: Gregory Mosher.
Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci was larger than life. Her childhood courage resisting the Nazis fueled her work as a war correspondent with an antiauthoritarian zeal that perfectly matched the ‘60s and ‘70s. She gained fame by grilling Kissinger, Castro, Khomeini, Qadaffi and other public figures who squirmed under her ferocious questioning. With Fallaci, Pulitzer Prize-winner Lawrence Wright turns the spotlight on a fellow reporter and her fascinating contradictions. In this world premiere, a young woman interviews the fiery author at the end of her life, when she became a darling of the right. What begins as a discussion of journalism ends with two women exchanging life-changing lessons about destiny and empathy. Don’t miss this sizzling new play penned by a revered writer from The New Yorker and staged by legendary director Gregory Mosher.

Photo by Kenny Braun

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