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The Motherf**ker with the Hat at Cygnet Theatre


5/15/2014 - 6/22/2014


Cygnet Theatre

4040 Twiggs St
San Diego,CA 92110

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Phone: 619-337-1525
Running Time: 1:50

The Motherf**ker with the Hat in San Diego

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San Diego Premiere.

12 Steps. 2 Hearts. 1 Hat. Set smack in the middle of New York's mean streets, this Broadway hit is exhilarating, hilarious-and totally irreverent. Recently sprung from prison, Jackie has an AA sponsor and is back with Veronica, the love of his life since eighth grade. The problem is, Veronica can't shake her drug habit, and she refuses to answer when he asks about "the man hat that ain't my hat" on their bedside table. But Jackie is a survivor, and if he sometimes loses sight of his goal, he never loses his decency, in this surprising examination of acceptance, loyalty and love.

Contains drugs, violence, nudity, sexual situations and a lot of strong f**king language.

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