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(Fire) Embers (Ash)


2/6/2021 - 2/28/2021


(Fire) Embers (Ash
San Diego,
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(Fire) Embers (Ash) in San Diego

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"(Fire) Embers (Ash)," written and directed by Hailey Mashburn, is an audio drama inspired by the real lives and events of the first female combat pilots and aviation regiments, recruited by the Soviet Union during WWII. Previously performed as a stage play in 2015, "(Fire) Embers (Ash)" has since been slightly reformatted and updated for radio, to be enjoyed safely during a time when theatres have been unable to reopen."(Fire) Embers (Ash)" is currently available to stream for free online at

Further information about the cast and creative team, the history behind the piece, and the women on which it is based can be found at

Running Time: ~1 hour

*Contains strong language.

Cast for (Fire) Embers (Ash) at (Fire) Embers (Ash


(In order of appearance)

Yvonne Maxwell as Natalya Meklin

Elena Harding as Marina Raskova

Lydia Cashman as Lydia Litvyak

Rachelle Diedericks as Yevgeniya Rudneva

Rhonwen Cash Nadezhda Popova

For more information about the cast and the women they portray, please visit . 

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