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BWW Student Center Reviews: University of Utah's SWEENEY TODD Chills and Thrills!

 Karli Rose Lowry as Mrs. Lovett and Joseph M. Bosteder as Sweeney Todd

A musical theater frolic down the dark streets of London?  A theatrical journey mired in blood and insanity? A serial killer belting a song on stage?   No matter how you look at it, a musical about a guy slitting throats should not work.  Yet, leave it to brilliant mastermind Stephen Sondheim to create a piece of genius that not only works but disturbs and dazzles the imagination.
Sweeney Todd, currently playing through the University of Utah’s Department of Theatre does more than just dazzle, it perplexes and confounds musical theater aficionados with it’s hard to place categorization.  Is it opera, theater, dark comedy, horror? Is Sweeney Todd himself murderer or martyr?

A spine chilling production, set in the creepy hallows of a mental institution, Sweeney is sure to make you squirm in your seat. Even if you’ve seen the movie, there is something about being locked away in a tiny black box theater with the disquieting scenes unfolding just a few feet from your seat.  As the actors take you through the twisted world of mental illness led by the demented and charming Mr. Todd, you are sure to be amazed at the darkness and talent that this cast and crew bring to stage.

For a few more details about the synopsis and what you can expect from this production, take a look at this short clip from director David Schmidt.

Karli Rose Lowry as Mrs. Lovett and Joseph M. Bosteder as Sweeney Todd When I asked director Schmidt what he learned while working on this show, he replied that he really “learned to respect the students and the openness and intelligence that they brought to the table.   They made me look like a genius!”  So, why not take their word for it when they tell you why you should see this show. “It is creepy, funny, tragic and there is even a very sweet, simple love story thrown in for good measure” says Amanda Shrum who plays Mrs. Lovett and Trevor Blair who plays Beadle Bamford follows up with “the grandiose appeal of the story told in the intimate space of our theater is a very aesthetically appealing experience for the audience.”

And from one theater patron to another, this is a production you don’t want to miss!

Sweeney Todd is playing at with the University of Utah Department of Theatre through November 18th with several already sold out shows. You can learn more or purchase your tickets on their website

Photo Credits: Spencer Sandstrom

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